Friday, 26 April 2013

Closing out a very good week.

Its a long time since I felt this good about a weeks worth of knitting, about life in general.  It was lovely and warm and the snow is going at an amazing rate and some of the poplars are making their long tasslestoo!  Spring is here.

Wrapping up the week, here we have the last two puppets!

They will be delivered today, on the run to knitting.

I've been working really hard on Paulette's scarf too.  I thought I had just the border, but when I looked this morning, I have one chart row and the border. I'm not going to make the wide Laminaria border.  It was all or nothing for that edging, and I preferred the flowery part of the pattern.  I am going to take one of the borders from Knitted Lace of Estonia or my Haapsalu scarf book.  Both will have something, I am certain that will be the perfect finish. 

And Clapotis?  Clapotis is counting down almost as we speak.  I am well into the decrease section, and before the weekend is done, I hope to have it finished.  

And the, after Clapotis is done, I shall work on socks for a bit. 

Something from in this pile of sock yarn.  Something bright and springlike.  I hope to get some work done on socks.  I need a few pair to replace ones with holes awaiting darning.

But before anything else happens today, I have to deal with this.

Puppet guts. Lots and lots of puppet guts.

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