Friday, 1 March 2013

An old thing and a new thing but

No pictures!

Last night after I finished knitting on the pretty little Mizzle shawl,  I put it out on the blocking pile with every intention of blocking it and taking photos this morning.  Instead, I seem to have slept in.  Which kind of bugs me because I really want to see how this one turns out.  

Unblocked, it is much smaller than I thought it would be for something with just a hazelnut sized ball of yarn left over. It is wearable, but just plain smaller than I thought.  I know it is going to block out much larger, though.  That has happened each time I worked with a Noro sock yarn on a shawl.  There is some amazing mileage in it.  

What I am most pleased with is the way it looks.  It's just very nice. The colours of the Noro Taiyo sock are just perfect for this shawl.  There ought to be a Saturday morning post to compensate.  

I am also ready to start the next big thing.  My friend's scarf/shawl.  She has chosen the Laminaria stole design and I think it should work really nicely for what she wants.  There will just be a little tweaking required, but I think the changes will be easy and will make it something she can use, not just as a shawl, but as a year round garment.

The yarn she picked was the green BFL 2/8 from Fleece Artist.  I love this yarn and I am delighted to knit it up for her.  There may a little colour stuff happening for the edging lace. We are going to try it and see how it looks.  

The BFL 2/8 was a yarn that I had sort of planned to knit a sweater with.  It was slated for the Tempest sweater, and I had finally assembled all the yarns.  But the longer I looked at it, the more I was unsure if I really liked the green for a main colour.  It just wasn't how I saw this green.  My eyes always strayed to the pretty ones with the blues when I looked at finished projects on Ravelry.  When I looked at this green, I saw lace.  I wish I would have caught this tidbit about the green a little sooner.  Anyway, Tempest will still be knit, but I will have the adventure of figuring out yarns again and the green will be what it always wanted to be.  

I love it when it when it all feels so right.

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