Thursday, 28 February 2013

A little late but

Finally, we have a camera back in the bag where it belongs.  

I am so pleased with the way this turned out. This is a preblocking photo and that wee bit of a flare at the bottom is gone now that the colour work is all nice and flat.  I am so tickled at the way this turned out.  Its a little big for sweet thing, though she is rapidly growing but her mom and I figure we will run a tie through the back and gather up till it fits her just so.  I still have to sort out what else I am going to knit from this yarn.  I do have a ball of white and the very vast majority of the pink remaining.  

My first thought is a cute little overall with the same pink flowers on the bib and perhaps even down the straps.  Maybe one on the backside too?  But then, reason reasserts itself.  Yes it would be cute, but that is white yarn you have there and white pants for a babe who will be crawling sometime over the next 6 months?  Stupid idea.  I might do a little dress, something simple that will compliment the sweater.  Little cap sleeves.  Maybe a pocket to hold little girl dreams?  Not so practical, but it would sure look cute!

I also have pictures of one of my finished and blocked shawls.  I have worn it several times already and I can tell it is going to be a favourite of mine.  Its nice cozy wool with nothing fancy going on, yet it makes a statement all the same.

The Point shawl by Meghan Jackson done in St. Denis Boreale.  It really was the perfect yarn for it.  That part that looks blue is as close as I could come to the real deep dark indigo blue of an original HBC Point blanket.  I feel very Canadian when I wear it.  That stripe sequence is instantly familiar to people and it seems to make them smile when they see it.  I like that.

I do have another shawl blocking, but it is one with the very fancy edge and I can only do a small section at a time.  I have a lot of pins, or rather, I thought I did, but not enough for the fancy edge of this small one, certainly not enough for the River Valley Shawl. And Lillia Hyrna awaits blocking too.  By the weekend, the small fall couloured Mizzle will be done, and then that might as well get in line for blocking too.

So much to block, so little time but then, I am not in a rush at all.


Brendaknits said...

Denise, both of those projects are just wonderful Any Canadian would feel so patriotic in that shawl. I love it.

Sandra said...

the sweater is a-freaking-dorable! the flowers are beyond cute. Perfect. And the shawl is really quintessentially Canadian. THere isn't a Canuck alive that wouldn't recognize that pattern. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. The sweater is so sweet and the shawl is perfectly Canadian. GD