Friday, 15 February 2013


If you looked at Mizzle today and then at yesterdays picture, you would be pretty sure that I did not knit at all.  Oh, but I did.  

Over and over again.  And again.  I wish I was kidding, but I am not.  Sigh.  Establishing the ribbing is something I needed to do with no one near me and nothing distracting me.  No TV, no radio, no nothing.  

I think I have it now, though I did set it aside there for a while and knit on a sock, so I have an inch on the sock too.  I went back to the shawl because it seems like that is all I have been doing lately, setting things aside.  I got a little bucky and decided, that nope.  This was not going to be yet another work in progress, sitting there taunting me.  

They do you know.  The pile of WIPs (now 14 ongoing projects) and the pile of things to block and the things to repair have become a physical wall between me and the bookcase and I could barely get to the TV to turn it off.  Not hoarder-ish, but oh my it is cluttered. 

There is also several layers of yarn taken out for what will be knit next, only it hasn't been knit next, it has just continued to sit there saying hey, what about me, what about me.  Its next ain't going to happen anytime soon.

So far as I know, no one is coming to visit this weekend. That means I have 3 lovely days to get this stuff out of the way and get things sorted and ordered and into place once again.  

Maybe it is time to do a little hard thinking on the size and quality of the WIPs too.  I don't think there are any there I don't want to finish, but you never know.  In the cold hard light of day?  We shall see.  


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