Tuesday, 5 February 2013

LBD Fangirl?

I know I have spoken of it before, of my love for the Lizzie Bennet Diaries.  It is a little embarrassing in a way.  How many women my age go all fan girl over an internet media effort by people young enough to be their children?  
And if you aren't there, my question to you is why aren't you?  You are missing the best, just the best, most delicious online event there will ever be.  

Pride and Prejudice has been adapted dozens of times, but not like this.  Not this real time, not this immediate, not with this absolute pulling at the heartstrings storytelling.  I have loved reading the books.  I heart the mini series and movies (well except for Kiera Knightley, the poorest casting in any movie ever) but this?  

I have fallen so hard for a story before.  In a lifetime of reading and movie watching, nothing compares.  

Each Monday, I wait with bated breath and then I watch it over and over, trying to catch every little nuance. The days between,  I check out websites and articles and whatever I can find about the series. I read twitter, I check Tumblr. Wait.  What is Tumblr? And Pintrest?  What is Pintrest for? I get the tweets, but the rest is all new to me. 

Thursday morning, I start checking the Youtube channel in the morning for the next episode.   I wait with bated breath. I wait for those 5 minutes in agony.

It is all really quite ridiculous.  Fangirl?  Oh yes, I have it bad.  I know how it ends, but the joy, the absolute thrill of all this is the journey they take you on to get you there.

Bernie Su, Ashely Clements et al.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for the fun.

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