Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Where was I?

I am a little foggy today.  I seem to have the cold Sweet Thing had last week.  That is what happens when you kiss and play with a germy baby, but I think I can take it.  Maybe.  I let you know after today.  If I make it through today I can make it through anything.

I didn't knit yesterday.  Not one single stitch.  I slept all day.  I knew I wasn't fit to be on the roads yesterday morning so I begged off work and just slept.  I wish I could say it did more good than it did.  

But right now I have to get to work and do all the things I didn't get done yesterday.  

On the bright side, there was a box at the door when Mr. Needles came home yesterday.  My copy of Downton Abbey season 2 arrived.   Things are looking up!

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Brendaknits said...

That's too bad you aren't feeling well. But Downton Abbey and knitting will help.