Monday, 7 January 2013

Isn't there supposed to be another day?

As usual, after a lovely long spate of days off, the first weekend after it feels as if it is missing a couple of days.  The alarm sends quivers and not the good kind through the part of my brain that stayed on vacation.  Its time to wake up and move on.

Even though the weekend was busy with family, I did get some good knitting time in.  

I finished a small project I was doing with the ladies at the store.  There is a pattern called the 'Scrunchable scarf and I had a ball of Schoppel-Wolle In-Silk, a pure silk that you have to see to believe.  It is just the most unusual thing.  As a yarn, it looks a little flat.  Not flat as in not round, but flat like wall paint with absolutely no gloss, and about as exciting.  Once you start knitting it though, it becomes something much more.  I can see In silk in a sweater.  Something not too fancy and warm, with a wide ribbed collar and wide ribs on the bottom.  I had one lone skein of pink from a project that was supposed to be for my mother in law but never happened.  The Scruncable pattern worked really well with the flat chracter of the yarn, giving it some texture and flash in what ended up being a rather nice cowl.  

It doesn't look like much laying flat but it looks kind of neat on.  The seam is sewn offset so that one edge has the excess above and the other below.  When you wear it, turned just slightly to the side, you get a genteel collar and a part that hangs down and covers that space between coat and chin just so.  It really is the perfect little finishing for this.  

Most of the knitting this weekend was on my on-going sweater.  

You can see that I have a fair bit of the skirt section done.  The ribbed part goes right to my waist and I want it to be fairly long.  There are at least 2 'fair bits' to go.  And sleeves.  The sleeves are going to be knit shortly.  I'll knit them using the smallest amount of yarn I can to get the right look and then will just knit that skirt till the yarn is gone.  If I run short, as I said, I have a plan.

Excuse the funky photos.  I'm trying to get them to lay the right way.  My fix isn't really working.  Still, it is time to get to work.  I'll play another day.

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Brendaknits said...

I love all things asymmetrical. Scrunchable would suit me.