Friday, 4 January 2013

I did something yesterday that I wanted to do for a very long time.  I ordered some yarn for two very specific shawls from St. Denis.  I wanted to do this because St Denis will be gone before you know it and besides, the price just simply cannot be beat for this quality of yarn.  Some of my other long desired yarns will be around a lot longer.

A friend showed me the Point Shawl some time ago.  Point is a knitted adaptation of Hudson Bay Company Point blankets.  It is textural and plain and I love it dearly.  You need strong colours to punch the traditional stripes.  (I also have a kind of fascnation for this Hudson Bay Point blanket adaptation.  But we will talk about that later)  I think the Boreale will be the perfect yarn for the shawl.  

I also ordered yarn for the shawl, Leftie .  It is meant to be used with leftover bits of yarn and one main colour.  Some of the models on Ravelry are just stunning.

Like this one,  with its tweedy yummy goodness.  Be still my heart.  Or this one with  its strong contrasts and dark background.  Oh my.  You can see where I got my inspiration.

I did get a little extra of a few colours, because there will be yarn left from both of these adventures.  A little extra plain stuff to do some pretty little colourwork is going to be  great down the road.

Yup, here I am, with the stash for a cast of thousands, and dozens of projects under my belt and I still have so many things I want to do.  (Long may it continue.)

None of these are going to happen in an instant, though I did buy both patterns, which normally means starting is imminent, this time I know it is going to sit and be part of the grand stash for a while.  That too is good.  They will be carefully watched over and much admired and aspired to.

Today is my birthday and stunningly, I am still here, blogging more or less daily after all these years, still doing pretty much the same of everything  and I still don't have any Signature needles.  Maybe this year.  So far I have been too busy collecting yarn

"To be a book-collector is to combine the worst characteristics of a dope fiend with those of a miser."  (Robertson Davies, from The Table Talk of Samuel Marchbanks)

Ach Robertson, it's a good thing I am not a book collector.


Sandra said...

Happy Birthday!!
And thanks for that link - all Canadian Knitters need that Point Shawl pattern. I'm going to order it now. I do love me a goind Hudsons Bay Blanket. And those slippers! Going to have to order that one too...

Mrs. Spit said...

Happy Birthday my friend