Friday, 30 November 2012

What else?

So what are these other things you say?  

Well a while ago a friend gave me some yummy Berroco Flicker and though it took a while to decide what I will do with it, I eventually decided that there might be enough for a vest, with a little help, help from the very similarly designed Berroco Voyage.  Voyage is just the tiniest bit heavier than Flicker and doesn't have the lovely slipperiness of Flicker.  I'm not sure why but they really are quite different creatures to work with.  The weight difference doesn't seem to be an issue because I am knitting to the same gauge and the Voyage is only on the outer edges.

The last time you saw it it looked like this.  

At the time, I was working the edging in one fell swoop.  I also had about a half a ball of the gray unused.  I wasn't marking corners, just getting a little cocky, I guess, and they were awful.  Truly awful.  I don't think there was a single solitary increase that was done in the same point on the corner.  One set was about 4 stitches away from the closest of the rest of them.  Ugly and I know me better than this.  If I want a point, use a marker.  I can do the fancy lace stuff, mostly without markers, but a simple stack of increases.  Nope.  Zip.  Nada.  

It had to come out.  I decided that since this is a project that is going to come as close as I will ever be to using up all the yarn for it, I was going to use that last bit of gray and knit it just slightly longer.  Next I decided to knit the bottom trim only on the bottom and do the neck edging last.  And next, I changed how I was going to finish it.  I originally intended to do a nice proper hem to accentuate the smooth elegance of the yarns, 

but I really wanted the length.  

I've opted to knit as much as I could and finish the edge with a 3 row reverse stockinette section to stop the hem from rolling and then a 4 row stockinette part to roll.  It seems counter intuitive but it gives me the maximum length and just a hint of a roll, enough that it looks finished and trim and neat.  

I am going to have to go back and rework the garter stitch edging I have on the armholes, but that is not a problem.  The garter stitch was only a stop gap, till I saw if I had enough yarn to do the originals plans hem thing on them.

The bottom is fully bound off now, and I am going to re work the last bit of the sleeves, and then the button band, which is going to be as wide as I can possibly make it.  I'm thinking trim as narrow as the sleeve edging around the neck and on the 'button' fronts as wide as I can go.  This will of course mean I am going to be playing with it a bit, but that is just fine with me.  

This one is substantially done, and from here on in, its just fun!

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