Thursday, 29 November 2012

Getting Night terrors

I was one of those kids who had night terrors.  My dad always tries to figure out what happened that I had them, but I think it is just the way some of us are wired.  
As an adult, I have occasionally had them.  Wake up to an absolutely dark room and can't breathe, can't move and can barely function for fear.  Oh my yes.

But as a knitter?  Maybe not night terrors but before I started this grand knitting adventure, nobody told me there would be so many things fraught with worry and on occasion, abject terror.  

I had taken back the stitches on the olive green sweater I am making for daughter 1, and was re-orienting the stitches before starting knitting again, when all of a sudden I felt something snap and felt an incredible ease come into the needle.     

There was the instant blue haze of terror, and about 3 seconds later, I knew what it was and knew the yarn wasn't going anywhere. Imagine if it was silk! All those stitches would have been undone.  This is one of the reasons I love wool.

The tip had broken off of my only set of metal 3.25 mm needles long enough to make a sweater.  I might have one more shortie and one in wood in that size, but those are both busy at the moment.    

I usually have a replacement, or alternative, but not this time.  I am going to have to buy a needle. That just doesn't happen often anymore.  There is always a needle around with the interchangeables, but this tip falls outside the range of the interchangeables.   Its going to take a couple days to get to the yarn store to find one.

I am going to get some suitable epoxy because I think this one can be usable again, but it has shown me that there to really be comfortable, I need want another needle in that size. Its going to take another day or so to get the repair organized.   I am already hating the wait.

It almost put a kink in my knitting for my lunch hour, but luckily I had a project along that needed some pulling back to get rid of the most atrocious set of corners on the planet.  I did it and started knitting on it.  I'll show you that tomorrow when there is a little more to see.

Maybe not night terrors, but it could be if not for one important thing.  WIPs  And people ask me why I have so many.  Well, here you go. Reason number 1,032.

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Sandra said...

My soon had the occasional night terrors - hasn't had any in years, but they were pretty scary as a parent!
I actually bought needles last night at knit night - realized it was easier to buy new that search my house... that's not good...