Thursday, 1 November 2012

Something finished.

Even though I finished a couple very big things, it feels like it has been ages, millennia, since I finished anything.  It makes absolutely no sense.  

But I finished something and they are so cute.  

Tiny wee baby socks for my Sweet Thing.  For once I did not worry about running out of yarn.  At all.  Not even when I was using the remains of socks.  There is still enough left for another pair, made with the white and the multi swapped around.  There is also enough of the cream for several more pairs of baby socks. More than several if the truth be known.  

I was a little concerned that the sock cuffs might be too tight.  All my boys were chubby little things, with round roly poly ankles and chubby wee feet.  Sweet Thing has lovely long delicate lady feet and incredibly elegant hands.  She takes after her momma and that is such a good thing.  

Still I worried.  32 stitches isn't very big.  I used Jenny's stretchy bind off but the top of the sock doesn't even come close to binding.  I needn't have worried.  

Momma says if you can do this, it will fit just fine.  Might even stay on her feet.

I'm not so sure.  I never met a baby yet who did not have the power to get everything off his feet even before he knew he had feet.  We shall see how grandma's socks do on the test!


Mrs. Spit said...


Also, I've often thought all baby socks should come with a tube of glue to keep them on children's feet. I do a booming business in public places returning small footwear items to harried looking parents.

Sandra said...

My son was like Houdini when it came to getting out of things. Socks had no chance of staying on his feet!
Even when we swaddled him tightly, we would wait a bit, and very soon a little hand would work it's way up to his cheek...
13 years later, he's still not a fan of socks...

Brendaknits said...

Sweet socks for Sweet Thing.