Wednesday, 31 October 2012

I think it must be the time of year but I still feel dreadfully uncommitted to a single project.  I have never felt sluggish this long after finishing a major project.  It isn't that I don't want to knit.  Oh no.  I do.  It is that I start something and even when I really like it, it feels 'meh'.

I've been trying to get a baby sweater done, so I have worked on that.  I need to do a little thinking now to sort out how I am going to do the sleeve seams with an i-cord at the same time.  I'm pretty sure it can be done.  I just need to think it through a little.  

Then there is the pretty Daybreak scarf/small shawl.  I never really know what to call these but I sure do like making them.  I want to get it done before I sit down and work on the old lace project.   

And I have the second sock of the wee pair of baby socks to work on, only a partial toe complete there.  I thought they would pretty much knit themselves up but the got shunted aside last weekend in a flurry of finishing other shawls.

Problem is, I don't know what I wan to knit, but I know I don't want to knit these.

So far I am just persevering and knitting these things plus the black Overblouse.  Maybe when I finish one of them, I'll find just the right thing to light that old and comfortable obsessive, must knit it now feeling.  You know the one.  Its the feeling you have when a project finishes so fast that you are pretty sure you didn't knit that all alone and are sure that someone else is knitting on it while you sleep.  Yeah that feeling.  

I'm feeling a little bit of an urge for lace though.  Perhaps it is this unreasonable decision to finish an old lace project first that is throwing me off.  Hmm, I have to think about that a little bit.  


Brendaknits said...

Had a bit of that 'meh' going on here too. It passses.

Sigrun said...

I just had a real spurt of new projects finished, so even though I'm excited to get some more done, I'm not too excited about working on these. So I'm working on the "alternating plan". I brought up a big, I mean BIG zucchini, so I baked a lemon poppy seed recipe--while in oven i put together the order for trees and shrubs--and knit on DGD3's bamboo socks till the timer went off. Then I made a recipe of Zucchini chocoloate cake--while it was in the oven I placed one of 3 seed orders--and knit on the socks. Then I made supper, placed another seed order, we had supper. Then I made lemon cookies, shredded up the last (2 pkg of 3c and 2 pkg of 2c, of zucchini), sent off the second seed order. Now I'm looking at the sock, and I'm way past the heel already, so I know I will finish that sock tonite.
Tomorrow I will do another "alternate plan".