Friday, 16 November 2012

Because I haven't talked Socks...

I haven't talked socks for a while now have I?  Maybe it is time.

I have just two socks on the go right now.  I am not sure how this happened.  I might be worried, but I am ok with it because I have enough socks in my sock drawer at the moment and there have already been a fair number of socks made this year.  It isn't for a want of sock yarn, that is for sure.

These are the 2.  The bright stripey one was started when Sweet Thing was being born.  Birth and new socks seemed to go together.  The black ones..yes.  I know. Black.  I said it wouldn't happen again, but I seem to have lied.  I was so thrilled when I found out about Sweet Thing I thought her dad might need a pair of socks and since he only wears black socks...

I am ribbing them all the way up on the top of the foot and plan to do it for the cuff too.  

 I had hoped to use that to avoid any weirdness that happens so easily with black socks when you can't properly see the things.  As you can see, I haven't.  I think I am going to drop down and fix it because it is bugging me a lot.

I love the squishy goodness that little bit of ribbing provides, and now I am wondering why this one isn't also ribbed.

I have contemplated dropping down and ribbing it, and I might yet.  I'm undecided.  See, then mama could have these.  Is it faster to rip back and reknit?  I hate to do that because these were knit at her birth and that means something to me.  It isn't that many stitches and with a crochet hook, wouldn't take all that long.  Neither would reknitting.  Sigh.

If I did put ribs in them and make them for mama rather than me, I would follow that up by making Sweet Thing a pair using the remainders of both black and colours and they could be ribbed too.  All in the family socks.

I am trying to resist the impulse to do this for Christmas.  

Resistance is futile.  

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