Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Oh dear what can the matter be

I am afraid that is how I feel still.  Locked in the lavatory.  Well, locked in between project la la land, to be more precise.  

There is knitting, and while it is nice, I am not emotionally connected to it and there are no great lessons in it.  Yet.  (Now that I have said that, I expect a really ugly ripping back incident is about to befall me.)  

I think it is that all summer and through September there was something big I was waiting for.  She is here now and I love that, but there is no more knitting that I have to get done.  Nothing I feel pushed by, moved forward whether I want to or not, no internal deadlines of any kind.  It is truly an odd place for me.

So till the burning ambition returns, and it will, I'll show you some yarn that I wound.  This is some very very pretty Fantastic Knitting Country Silk that I picked up in Jasper at Stychen Tyme.  

I have gone through layers of love and indifference with this.  I bought it because it was 800 metres where the other skein in plain blues was only 4.  Eight is better for a nice large wrap.  I loved it at first and then wondered if the gold was going to be a problem.  I had thought there was only 1 spot of it but there are 2.  

I came back to like it, and now am completely in love with it.  This is probably the best example ever of how you can really tell the character of a yarn when you wind it up.

Now I just have to decide on a pattern.  Do I want this yarn to be a regular shawl, maybe a leaf pattern, or do I want it to be a long wide stole with overall patterning and pockets at the end?  

Or will I just start more new projects only to have them languish in the work in progress bin?  Only time will tell.

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Brendaknits said...

WOW! What a difference winding that wool made. From 'bleh' in the skein to gorgeous in the ball.