Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Saskatchewan Time

You will notice I did not mention weekend knitting yesterday.  It isn't that I did not knit, it is that I traveled and knit plain stockinette.  The plain stockinette, you heard about yesterday. 

Every trip to Saskatchewan yields something new and special.  Maybe it is that way because it is home to me.  The air is different there and Saskatchewan is full of unintended smiles.

Like seeing a sign saying 'rough road', but not a word about the complete road reconstruction that began just out of view or the point after the construction where another sign said 'rough road, next 8 kiliometres', but was as good as most highways anywhere.  Or the place where the road was staked and you had to weave between the stakes to get past oncoming traffic.  That was pretty 'Saskatchewan' too.

The best thing, though, about Saskatchewan is that it reminds of an innocence lost.

Who doesn't want an hour like that? 

The world runs differently on Saskatchewan time and that is a blessing.


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Brendaknits said...

Where is that photo taken? The view is beautiful.