Monday, 20 August 2012

Up Next

This wasn't a knitting weekend.  It was a cleaning weekend.  Study and laundry room were the focus.  It doesn't sound like a lot and the study is usually in reasonable order or near order, but the laundry room was a disaster.  It took hours and hours.  

I did take some consolation in cleaning the study and study cleaning means playing in wool.  I put away all the bits I was done with, and sorted through and put and pulled and picked yarns for what is up next.  

There are certainly a thousand things that I could do next.  If all I did was look at yarn to sort out my choice for the next thing, I'd be busy for days.  I usually have a better plan that that.  Most of the times.  Once in a while?  

I have been planning a vest, a colourwork vest for some time.  Simple stars following the Scandinavian tradtion.  I will be using charts and design details from Folk Vests by Cheryl Oberle. 

The deep inspiration for this comes from a version I saw on Ravelry done in an icy blue and white.  It was such a powerful inspriation that it set me off on  a search, ongoing still, for the perfect icy blue.  I'm close, but I am ever on the hunt.

The other thing I am going to work on this fall is my Undercurrent.  I have loved this sweater for a long time.  Its such a nice basic shape, and with its two row detailing, it feels like a nice speedy knit.  
I'll be working it in pieces.  I know, I'm appalled too, but the practice will be good for me (I hope) and it is the only way to really show off these shorter than usual Noro colour changes.  So pieces it is. I'm not entirely sure about sleeves yet.  I suspect that I will end up working those top down using the Walker method. 

I've got a little to do on the vest and there is a shawl, that lovely Mooi Icicle shawl, for my sons mother in law that need to be completed first but this is the first of the fall knitting.  I'm looking fall squarely in the face, and I'm excited.  Antsy perhaps.  

Or maybe its just that I'm looking forward to getting the garden put to rest for the season.  Dear garden, I do love you but your time is almost done.  

Fall is coming.  Sweater weather awaits.  

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