Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Last night

I should be knitting other things.  The wee baby t shirt needs finishing, though it is really close to done.  Then a good wash and it is ready to give to mummy and daddy.  

I have to say, I can do the thinking about being a grandma with no problem, but there is a lot of weirdness in calling one you remember so well as a baby a daddy!  I digress.  I am doing that a lot these days in the real world.

I am on ball 5 of the original skeins of yarn I had for the vest.  As usual, I worried and figured out what I was going to do when I was short of yarn, and now I am not.  There would be plenty there for button and sleeve bands.  Of course, figuring how I was going to manage without enough yarn has left me with a vision and its a really nice vision.  It's exactly the sort of vision and gives exactly the sort of feel and look that I wanted for this vest.  I am not going to give it up now.

The plan calls for the 3 skeins of navy to go on the edges.  Originally the plan was for simple 4 stitch cables, repeating a little element I had at the shoulders.  That shoulder cable was just play so I don't feel bad about dropping it.  I'm opting for simple easy ordinary.  The blue will be simple stockinette.  It means I will have to do a little shaping at the sleeve edges so they don't stand out stupidly, but I think I have that sorted in my head.  Decreases in the curvy sections, none in the straighter parts should work.  

I'm pretty sure I don't want to change to a ribbing or garter to finsioh the edges up with.  That would just destroy the carefully planned look.  I think this is going to mean that the blue parts are going to have to be a hem finished edge.   Maybe I won't have any gray left over after all.  Maybe I will have just enough.

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