Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Starting to look like something

I love this part of a project, where it stops looking like a pile of yarn being knit up 

and starts to look like something with a purpose, no longer amorphous blob, but proto sweater.  I think this is the most interesting part of any knitted project.  

I came up with this idea as Julie over at Knitting at Large was making an Undercurrent sweater and I just happened to be digging in the stash.  

I had 5 skeins of Noro Silver Thaw which I really "needed" at some point and then couldn't quite see the garment I had envisioned as looking good on me.  I had a similar quantity of grey Mulespinner 2 ply from Custom Woolen Mills  and no particular thing to use it for.  I always knew it was a sweater, a good ordinary wear it all the time sweater but no particular burning desire to knit it right now.  

With Julies inspiration at hand and a stash dive, I could see these two yarns looking really good together.  I knit up a swatch and I think I even showed the swatch off here.  YUM.    

What was completely unexpected, what I could not have known from the small swatch, is how nice the fullness of the fabric feels.  You grab a handful of the sweater and instead of the homespun goodness that is Mulespinner or the fuzzy angora softness of Silver Thaw, you have this rather remarkable creature.  

Its soft and fuzzy with a backbone.  Its like delicate Spritz ribbon cookies held together with chocolate icing.   Its like Amaretto in your tea.  Its as if you knit a sturdy sheep out on the pasture an angora scarf or knit a fuzzy Angora rabbit a dainty sheepy scarf.  It's the unexpected combination of two very different things becoming perfection together.  You can feel the sheepy lanolin of the lightly processed Mulespinner surrounded by soft dainty angora haze, right there in your hand.  

I'm keeping it close by me, you know, just to pet it once in a while.  If you had a bunny and a sheep beside you, you would too.

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