Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Just zip[ping along

This sweater is zipping along even though it is a very busy week for me and I have hardly had any time to knit.  I am obviously knitting in there somewhere, but It doesn't feel like I am knitting.  

It's the stripes.  If you have done a Noro Two Row Scarf a la the Ravelry recipe by Brooklyn Tweed, you know that watching those stripes is hypnotic.  You just keep knitting so you can see what will happen next.  With the estimable Mr. Flood's recipe, you have two colours of Noro and even though this sweater has only 1 Noro and one solid, I just can't seem to stop knitting it.

I'm past the back shaping I wanted.  I did that just after trying it on last evening.  The math is good, my gauge is steady, but I still worried.  I feel better now that I tried it on.  And yes, it fits.  

Even better, it looks really really good on me and the fabric is how you spell cozy in yarn.  Just a little more knitting and then the bottom ribbing and the body is done.  Then, just the sleeves to work, and I don't think they will take long at all. 

It's the stripes.

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