Thursday, 23 August 2012

Gaping Maws

Almost every knitting project, yes even socks and lace, there comes a time, or so it feels to me, where it is about to become a great gaping maw that will suck up every stitch leaving me with precisely nothing to show for a days work.  

That is what happened yesterday.  I did a lot of knitting on the button bands.  I picked up stitches about 4 times, I know 6 or 7 rows, and then lloked at my yarn.  And proceeded to rip it all out.  Every bit of the work of the day before is gone, dust in the wind, and I am not quite back to where I wanted to be.  I will have lots of yarn to do a hemmed edge.  I think I can say that with confidence.  Or not.  No, I do think I will have lots of yarn. 

My neck edge is about half the width I want and I just went into ball 2 of the blue on the previous round.  I will have lots of blue to at the very least do the hemmed edge on the neck edges, and there still is a half ball of the grey to back me up.    

I tried  a couple other edge treatments on my way to finding out I had enough yarn and I think my early assessment is right.  The only edge that really has the look I want is just a plain stockinette edge.

It's just about what I hoped it would be like.  

The only down side to this state of affairs is that I still have a wee t-shirt to finish.  There is just a part of the button band left and to sew on buttons.  Not much, but enough to really put a kink in things if I don't get my act together. 

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