Friday, 24 August 2012

All the knitting looks exactly the same around here no matter how much I knit.  Great gaping maw indeed.  

Surely there is a sock somewhere that can fix this.  

Why ye.  Yes there is.

So I'm knitting it. Nice. Simple. Sock.

Well, there is more.

Final photos of the big Pink thing.  It turned out rather well for a thing.  And it looks pretty nice on too.  That part is a sort of surprise, but it does and I am thrilled with it.

 Except for the lace at the sides, there really isn't any ornamentation on this.  Plain is the word.

Doesn't look like much, does it.  By having all the flash on the sides, 
 when you walk it shows off, when you turn, you flash lace for just in instant.  The lace keeps the drape and flow in what is a relatively heavy yarn.  

Very pretty.  

The sweater is Gregale with some pretty heavy modifications.  Its knit top down in the round using the Contiguous method of knitting shoulder seams and setting up for the sleeves.  Sleeves are knit simultaneously from the top down in the round as well.  I lost the very elegant wide collar when Imade the switch to Contiguous, but if I was to do it again, and I probably will, I will know how to get the collars wide elegance.  Still, the sweater is all Gregale in inspration though and I hope Norah Gaughan doen't mind my interpretation,

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Sandra said...

very nice! Sometimes, simple knitting really lets the craftsmanship show through, but ht eflash of lace at the sides is what elevates it.
Nice touch.