Thursday, 10 May 2012

All the pink I will ever knit.

That isn't quite true.  I have some seriously hot pink in the depths of the stash but these are all the soft pinks I will ever knit.  I like all sorts of colours but not pastels.  They just are not me.  There are always exceptions to every rule.

The Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino is not pastel pink.  It is a lovely dusty soft pink that is usually found in the sky after the sun sets.  Its really just a hint of pink.  

The Schulana is pure pink in all its pastel glory, but surely a hat with a wee flower gracing the side and some pearls scattered about it, is a must for a wee thing.

And the bright pink Happy sock yarn?  Well that is to do some faux isling on the white Kertzer On Your Toes Bamboo ground.  Flowers, If I recall correctly.  The Yarn Harlots buddy Ken did something for a wee girl a long time ago that has always stayed with me.  Pretty faux isle in a pink multi colour on the white ground is not my idea but I will run with it.

My son and daughter are having a baby and just the other day they found out it will be a girl.  I don't intend to swath the wee thing in girl stuff only.  Kids should be who they are and she might be the type to climb trees and be the jungle gym ruler and might even beat her pappa at golf. She will have lots of strong bright colours too, but these few soft pink things.  Well that is just for grandma and from grandma, just because.

Grandma also took care of herself too. 

I'll need a large wardrobe of lace shawls just in case she really likes tea parties and dressup. 


Sandra said...

congratulations Grandma!! And all girls should have a hint of pink in the wardrobe - it looks lovely with jeans...

Christine said...

Congratulations! I love blush pinks - I'm sure your baby things will be gorgeous.