Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The good stuff

The light gray sport weight arrived!  

Seriously.  Does it get any better than this?  

Well, no and yes all at once.  

Because I did my purchasing of the Briggs and Little through Veronik Avery's online ST. Denis yarn store, I also had the perfect opportunity to do something I had long wanted. 

I could try some of her St. Denis yarn.   Here is Boreale a fingering weight yarn, the second in her line of yarns.  

I have always loved the look of this yarn when it is knit up.  I have spent way way too many hours looking at the website pondering colours.  I have coveted and I have dreamed and now I have.  A little to start but  There.  Will.  Be.  More.  Oh, yes, there will.
So considering the choice of colours, why did I pick that funny weak kneed yellow white cream?  

I didn't.  It is the palest, of pale blues.  Chalk Blue, an absolutely stunning shade.  

Breathe deep.  Inhale the yarn fumes.  Then stop over at St. Denis Yarns because you really need to try some of this.  


Sandra said...

the opportunity to order other yarns is a big pull, but did you know you can order direct from Briggs and Little? I have done it many a time - they are wonderful to deal with.

Sigrun said...

Sorry I can't take your advice--self-imposed yarn diet this year (maybe this decade).

Brendaknits said...

I love packages like that. Great day at your house.