Monday, 16 January 2012

Going back on what I said

You know how sometimes you end up doing exactly what you said you would never do again,  

and it is never quite so bad as when you did it the first time?

I always said I was never knitting black socks again and yet, here I am.  It isn't so bad.  They are not going to win any perfection contests (but then my knitting never would and I would never enter anyway) and they are quite simply not something I can work on in the evenings, but a few stitches here and there in the afternoon...It hasn't been so bad.

Maybe it is a weird sort of punishment for finding a nice yarn store in Lacombe Alberta, and having a really really good time.  

1 comment:

Brendaknits said...

You are braver than I. Black socks are a geat addition to the wardrobe but so hard o teh eyes.