Monday, 14 November 2011

A slight hiccup

Its been an odd sort of weekend.  Mr. Needles had a little medical thing that meant a long sit in some very uncomfortable chairs on Saturday and a crazy mixed up Sunday.  But trust me.  I was the lucky one.  Mr. Needles, not so lucky.  He had to have some quick surgery on a knee.  I expect it will be Hopalong and me for a few weeks.  

I'm pretty sure there will be ample time for knitting.  Heaven knows I did a fair bit of knitting on Saturday.  Sunday not so much.  

There was significant finishing.  Remember that pretty blue Llama and Silk?  
The one that a friend knit, is of a worsted weight yarn and wraps closely around my neck.  This one is much larger, being in a chunky yarn.  The weight of the yarn means it is much much longer.  It wraps twice around my neck 3 times and the ends tuck in nicely.  Unfortunately when I wrap it around my neck that much, I look a little more in fashion than I usually do.  

And not in fashion in a way that I desire.  In fashion like this: 

Yeah.  Not going to do the triple wrap thing.  Slouchy double wrap with longer tails is just right.  It is as close to this double chin as it is going to get.

In public at least.  At home all bets are off.  In the privacy of my study, I might choose to be very fashionable.  It sure is nice and warm that way.  Snugly and soft and good. 


Sandra said...

knitting isthe best thing to have during tense waiting times. Sorry to hear about Mr. Needles - having had "small surgery" on my own knee I know what he's going through. Good luck to you both.

Brendaknits said...

LOL!!! About the scarf's fashion statement not Mr. Needles knee. Hope he is OK.