Monday, 31 October 2011

One down

One sweater down.

It doesn't look like much in the picture but lying flat in its, dampish state, it hardly looks like a sweater.

What an adventure knitting it, though.  I followed EZ's design for set in sleeves and knit them simultaneously.  I did adjust a few things.  

EZ worked off percentages, but since I had no idea and could only take a wild guess at the number of stitches before I started working sleeves together, I fudged it.  By the numbers, I think the sleeves and upper body would have been a little too short.  So as usual, I followed what felt right and it worked.

I did have a bit of a stop and consider when I got to the top of the sleeves.  I wasn't sure how I was going to approach that.  Again, I felt that if I followed her instructions implicitly, I would end up with too little room on the shoulders.  I did the knit and attach sleeve caps across the fronts and backs all the way up to where the shoulders needed joining.  When both the fronts and backs were done, I did a three needle bind off.  I considered doing the bind off in the usual way, so the ridge was inside, but I like that little ridgey look.  I did it on the outside.  Easy peasy and it looks great too.  

I kept making the poor fellow try it on.  I wouldn't have needed to do that if I was knitting a gansey.  I'm comfortable with the fit he would need with those big open sleeves, but this, with its closer and more defined fit, left me feeling unsure.  But I think, when you see a picture of him in it, you will agree, it worked out very nice.  

So a very good weekends work.  Better pictures tomorrow.

On to sweater 2.  I'm knitting this one bottom up as well.  The pattern shows raglan sleeves, but I may or may not do that.  I might do this sleeve again, and give Son2 fitted sleeves.  I know the fitted sleeves look great on him, and I am not sure the raglans do.  I suppose it isn't a concern on a big broad shouldered guy know me.  I will worry till it is done.


Sel and Poivre said...

Congratulations on getting it across the finish line! 'Can't wait to see it modeled for us!

Brendaknits said...

It looks soft. It looks gentle. It looks warm. Congrats. I tried EZ's set in sleeves once and ripped them out. I have done her saddle shoulders to great success but the Set in sleeves I didn't like. SO congrats again on the sleeves.

Anonymous said...

I hope Mr Needles will model it. I like the design in the material. GD