Friday, 28 October 2011

Fridays File

We are still waiting for my daughter in laws paperwork to go through and its getting so very close.  Her medical stuff is back in Kiev and we are just waiting for the final decision.  If the world works the way it should, she should be here before Christmas.  I'm so excited and thrilled.  

Its hard enough to move cities within the same country, much less leave and come to a place where the language you hear, where the words on the page, where the TV is so very different.  Every facet, every minute of the day will be so very different. 

I wonder at my son's wait, and I wonder at my daughter in law.  My son is working as much as he can so he doesn't think.  My poor daughter in law, my poor sweet girl.  Everything is about the wait.  When she sits in her home, she thinks about packing.  When she sits with friends she thinks about the leaving them.

As you can see, I'm setting myself up to worry for my sweet daughter in law and like all worries, it is energy spent foolishly.  My time is better spent elsewhere...only I don't know where.  Or how. I hate when that happens.  I hate the not knowing what is needed, what will be needed.  I'd much rather know and then do.  I'm better at doing than I am at not knowing. This waiting to know place is almost impossible to bear.

And so I knit. Its the doing part of knitting that makes it mean so much to me.  I can do this and keep occupied.  I can do this and not lose my head.  I can do this and think about everything else other than the waiting.  And so I knit.  

I knit from the minute I get up till my hands give out.  Then I do other stuff.  Yesterday I made a bunch of apple strudel for the freezer and a great huge apple crisp.  When that was done, I made a huge batch of chili, some for dinner and a bunch to freeze.  

I don't know what I will do today.  It might involve housecleaning.  


Sandra said...

I wish you were closer - I have tons of housekeeping to do that would keep you occupied!
Your DIL is so very lucky - it's very hard to leave everything you know, but to come to where you will be so welcomed and loved, that's got to make it easier. Fingers crossed for a quick trip through the red tape...

Mrs.Spit said...

I wish I could come and sit with you. I could bring the gloucester sweater that was knit to guage and is large enough for a perinatal elephant, and we could insult it.