Monday, 29 August 2011

Late August

I have always liked late August.  Well, maybe not when late August meant returning to school, but I love how August signals the return of sweater weather.  The air changes.  The trees add a more pungent scent as leaves start to turn and fall.  The plants in the undergrowth lie back and go to sleep. Fall is my favourite season.  

There was a lot of knitting done on the weekend but it wasn't sweater knitting.  We had a family campout and knitting was a nice simple neckerchief, the Northampton Neckerchief from New England Knits.  A different sort of cast on, and then just miles and miles of stockinette before a tiny lace bottom bit before an interesting bind off.  It was the perfect campout knitting.

New England Knits a nice book. It was only12 dollars on the last Interweave hurt book sale and for that small amount, the one pattern that I know I will knit is ok, but I have to hope that I will find at least one more likely to knit to make it really worth while.  Thankfully, the gamble worked with this book and there are several other possibilities.  

I'd take photos of the neckerchief, but the camera is in my bag and the bag is in the van.  I'm feeling just a little dopey and lazy but I know sitting here and finishing the scarf and working on Cerisara is just not on the days menu.

The weather promises to be warm today and there is a lot of garden work to do.  The last pea picking, pulling the beans which are finished, hoeing the trees for one more time.  All these are due to be done today.  

Still, I hope that some knitting will happen somewhere in the day.  Surely there is a corner of time that will pop up just waiting for knitting to happen in it.  

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Brendaknits said...

Dang! I didn't notice the sale price on that book. I am going to check it out to see if I'm too late.