Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Yes it is

The Jamie is very me, isn't it.  Perhaps that is why it almost knit itself.  It made me feel happy and cheery and each time I tried it on, I had to laugh.  A sweater that makes you laugh cannot be all bad.

There has been other knitting. Steeking even!

See?  Front bands.  Sleeve and collar bands.

Just an ordinary and narrower than the bottom corrugated rib.

There is one more front band to knit and then a zipper to buy and install, and facings to knit.  It isn't going very fast because the two front bands have to be knit back and forth rather than the much speedier in the round work.  I have been avoiding working on it just a little.  It isn't hard, just the extra work flipping one yarn to work and back to carry over the other stitches.  It ought to be done by the end of the day.  It is only 6 rows after all.  The stitches have all been picked up, so it really ought not to take too much effort, just a little perseverance.

There is a significant difference between the pleasure of knitting this colourwork and the utter lunatic joy of knitting the red sweater, but both give me a great deal of satisfaction.  Perhaps that is some of what makes knitting such a wonder to me.  So many different paths.  Such pleasure.

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Mrs.Spit said...

Oh, I am glad. I ripped apart the anti sally mellville wrap last night, and it cackled away at me the entire time.

I'm so glad the knitting fates smiled on you!