Monday, 4 July 2011

Jaimie All Growed Up.

and dry.  It took forever to dry without having the furnace blowing on it.  
Here is a good view of what I did on the sleeves.

And here is a shot of the shaping rows.  

If you look really closely at this shot, you can see all the shaping.  There is the shaping to add just a little more ease to the backside, and there is the short row shaping just at the very top of that lovely line of vertical increases.  There is, unfortunately, one too many sets of short rows in there.  It hangs just a little lower in the back than it does in the front.  I'm thinking about re-knitting it, but boy, I don't know if it is worth it.  It just means my butt is covered a little lower and surely that is good. 

Even so, the fit across the back is superb.  The short rows and the increases started at just the right point.   It lays just like a sweater should.  There is no bulk where I am not bulky.  Its fits decently at the underarms, both front and back.  The shoulders are a bit wider than usual, but it is fine.  It just has a tiny bit of a drop shoulder shaping and I knew that was going to happen very early on in the process. 

There are things I would have done differently, some things very differently, generally having to do with underarm fit and where and how the side shaping needs to happen, but overall, I am so very pleased.      

There will likely be another one.  I have some medium weight Socks That Rock that didn't do what I hoped it would, that might work perfectly for a modular construction like this.  And there won't be any worries at all about yarn quantities, if I do as I did with this one and make the back and sleeves out of a solid colour.  

Had I knit a little slower, and thought a little more, perfection might have been achieved, but there seldom is purposeful thought while I am knitting.  Its usually dreaming and contemplating and as fast as this was knit, there was precious little of even that.  Its sort of nice for that to happen sometimes.  Just knit, no thoughts in your head.  It probably shouldn't happen on a sweater.

But it was fun. I have an imperfect but wearable sweater and that suits me, the imperfect wearer just fine.  I'll save perfection for later.  By then, the wearer will be just a little improved too.

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Oh that's nice. And very "you". GD