Friday, 15 July 2011


For the last several months, I've met a friend to spin.  It has been working, there has been actual yarn production but with summer coming and other stuff, it has been almost a month since I spun.   It is going to be good to get back to it.

But in other news, with the ending of the Postal upset, I finally got a book I ordered through the Hurt Book Sale from Interweave.  It was just too much to of a deal to let go.  $12.47 and $5.00 shipping.  I can live with that.  

I'm pretty picky these days about what books I buy.  I've never been the sort of person who would knit directly from a book, they just don't write a lot of books that do what I need to do for fit. Almost all of the books I have bought have been to learn from rather than just for pattern books.  

And then there is the lace shawl class of books.  Like socks, that is an entirely different class. 

This one is really just a book of patterns.  Nothing to learn, no instruction and yet...

That works too.  I bought New England Knits because it was a good deal.  And because I needed to knit one shawl from it. Seriously, just one shawl.   Oh I already have a plan for another sweater from it.  The picture looks just like a yarn I have, soft and cozy and oh so pretty and warm.  And there is a vest.  And...

I'll use it, the same way I use so many of the other patterns.  It will inspire me to knit something pretty.  Even if, in the end, it isn't a pattern from the book.  

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