Monday, 18 July 2011

Not where I'm supposed to be.

I was supposed to be out in the garden this morning.  The plan was to be there by now.  It was a good plan.  Really.  It was a most needed plan.  You have no idea how needed.

But due to the vagaries of weather, I'm not.  Let's just leave it at that.  I'm going to go out and check a little later.  We didn't have a lot here and if they didn't have much up there, then it should be possible to get there just a little later today.  I don't like working in the hot sun, but I don't think I have any choice.  

I did not get around to blocking the rest of that lace.  There is some laundry and some dishes, and if I recall correctly, the household is running low on toilet paper.  It isn't like I have nothing to do.  

There is always knitting.  As far as knitting goes, this can only be good.  I knit through the next lace/color changes on Lillia Hyrna, and I knit a whole bunch on the Folklore cardigan.  
I'm very pleased.  I'm also a little confused.  I did a swatch.  I got 22 stitches on four inches on the swatch.  Its hard to figure out what the gauge on the top multi coloured section, but on the bottom it is 26.  I pay attention to gauge, but it is a good thing I compulsively try it on.  Rather than trusting gauge, I tend to trust fit more.  

So, as usual, knit to fit.  Just a little closely mind.  Once washed, yarns almost always relax and give me the little bit of ease I need.  

It's things like this that make knitting exciting.  And gut wrenching.  Forward I go.  If the skies stay dark and the wet stuff still falls, I ought to get a lot done.

I have to post this, un-edtied and un-spellchecked before the signal on my internet sat cuts out again. One way or another, one day or another there will be dirt between my toes instead of just between my ears. 


Mrs. Spit said...

yeah, I like the Yarn Harlot's idea - guage swatches are nothing more than a vain offering to the knitting fates and bear no resemblenece to the actual thing.

Gail D said...

I like the looks of that! GD