Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I've been a little sluggish the last few days.  In part it was I wasn't feeling well (just a little summer bug) and in part because I was a little disheartened with more rain.  I keep telling myself that it is what gardening is all about and sometimes that works.  And sometimes it doesn't.  C'est la vie.  

I have been sticking close to home and knitting and knitting.  I'm finished the body of the sweater and one sleeve and I have just half of the second sleeve left to do.  

After that, there is little to do.  A bit of fix up knitting on the top of the sweater - I want to re-knit the collar band and fix a pattern error.  

I started out using only the multi-colour and find the colour too strong for the soft gray.  I want to redo and alternate the ridges with plain gray and multi-colour as I did on the hem and sleeve.  It's much prettier.  The other thing I have to redo is the first part of the pattern.  It started with a 2 knit 2 slipped stitches for  4 rows, but I erred and only knit two rounds.  

Next up is steeking.  I have been contemplating this.  Woobu is slippery yarn and the pattern called for only 4 stitches for steeking.  I should have knit more, but I stayed with the pattern.  I never stay with patterns so why on earth did I begin now?  For safety I am going to sew a backing onto those 4 measly stitches before cutting. I hope that a little bit of interfacing to the backside and then a good bit of vigourous sewing will keep the ends where they belong.  Once the steek is cut, the bands will be turned back and tucked under as I knit the edging.  Or it may be that I knit and sew in a wee facing.  I don't know yet, but there will be something to hide it all.

Worse come to worse, I will have to do more stitches for steeking and a knit a completely different button band.  The sweater will still work out.  But just like my garden, it might not be exactly what I envisioned in the first place.  

And who knows?  I might have a bumper crop of peas, and my sweater might yet be a masterwork.  

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Sandra said...

try machine sewing a couple of rows beside where you're going to cut. It's a great safety net.
And I totally agree with taking things as they turn out, even if it's not what was planned. I've had to change how I envision things many a time...
Hey! My word verification was "bobble"! an actual knitting term!