Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Yarn stuff

OK, still no knitting.  The kitchen knitting is looking great but is still to damp for photos  I have moved it to dry right on top of the dehumidifier.  Hah, dampness.  Take that.

But do not despair.  I have some lovely stuff.  I stopped at Custom Woolen Mills the other day.  There was a sale bin.  Be still my beating heart. I delved.  I dug. 

The cones are sock wieights.  One full cone of red singles, and partial cones of singles in green and navy.  The white is a very fine 2 ply.  They are soft and lovely and make my fingers want to sing. 

The other skeins of mulespun have a purpose.  I have long needed more of the soft alpaca blend for the shawl I envision it to be.  And the steadfast gray is to use with some turquoise Mulespun I have in the stash.  Originally the turquoise was for with the black mulespun that my Elysium sweater was made from, but the contrast was too strong.  I think this softer colour will show off the good points of the turquoise (still one of my favourite shades) rather than making it look garish and too bright.  

Time will tell.  There is a heap of yard work to be done this morning.  And laundry is mountainous.  A week of goofing off, watching the rains fall, mourning my river.

 Ah yes.  The rivulet.  Didn't mention that did I?  See the middle of the garden.  Yeah.  River.  

I don't know how we missed this.  The ridge does have shallow spots along the top of it.  Those spots do collect water.  It has to drain somewhere when it overflows.  


Sandra said...

yum - sale yarn!
But I feel your pain with the river...
funny - my word verification is bemop - If one could only be a mop for your river.

Brendaknits said...

Oh - sorry about the river. We have a pond in our back yard when it rains hard - run off form the Church parking lot - but it only wets the grass. No garden.