Monday, 20 June 2011


a needle pulling thread.  

The vest is ready to steek, but it is going to be a day or two till I get there.  It took days to dry, unaided by the weather.  It has been very very humid around here.  Accumulated inches of humid.  There was a lot of other knitting this weekend too, but it too is going to take days to dry from its blocking.  It isn't ready for photos at all.  

I'd tell you about my garden but it is very wet over there too.  There is a little river running through it, which makes Mr. Needles and I laugh a little. This is why we are moving slow over there.  Unexpected rivulets are, well, expected.

There will be a much better knitting post on the morrow. With actual knitting.  

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Brendaknits said...

We've finally had a week without rain. But it's coming tomorrow according tot he weatherman.