Monday, 27 June 2011

Well, there you have it.

There you have it.  Fridays question about yarn was answered.

Once the back was done, it was clear I was going to be short of the rich ruby yarn.  I had only 1 and a half  skeins left and 2 sleeves and all the ribbing to be done from it.  Almost enough, but not quite.  So I put plan B into effect.  

I had plenty Big Fabel left.  It would have been easy to do stripes, but that wouldn't have been in the modular spirit of this sweater.  It had to be intarisa.  I love the play of the patterned yarn off the rich red, so it was easy to see how this had to go.  The red part of the sleeve was to go to the front and the patterned part would play off the pure red back. So, there you have it. 

And 'there you have it' again when this sweater answers another niggling question. Is there any sweater besides Liesl that I could knit in a very short time?  Not a big question, but you never know when you need to know this about yourself.

I can knit a sweater in a week. With sufficient inspiration that is.  One week is still a couple of days away and when this photo was taken, I had just one sleeve to go.  Now I have just a half a sleeve to go and even if I hardly knit at all, it will be done. 

Had I knit each part of this sweater only once, I would have finished yesterday morning.  But no.  No.  The back had 1 significant re-knit and one slightly lesser re-knit (back to the short rows and then back to the sleeves) and the first sleeve cap had 4, yes 4 re-knits.

That first re-knit was to fix the stitch count.  The second was to try a different shaping, the third was after I let it sit overnight so I could think a good long while about  the sleeve cap shape and the 4th was after I realized that the patterning was facing the front when I meant it to face the back.

The only reason this knitting happened at all?  Rain, spread out just enough so I could not get out to weed at all since these rains began.  Since last week Wednesday the farm had 4.5 inches of rain (give or take a 10th), an extraordinary amount for the prairies.  

The thought occurs to me that all I really need to knit a sweater in a week is a lot of rain. 

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adriene said...

Yeah, you're right! I could knit a sweater in a week with a lot of rain and a healthy amount of time off. Well done for persevering with that!