Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Nothing Much = Eminently Fulfilling.

Yesterday I did a little of everything.

I cleaned my house, but not all of it.  I watered plants, but some of them didn't need it, so I skipped those.  I knit a little on the lovely red scarf.  I frogged back on the teal top to where I needed to be to insert the first of the taupe stripes, picked up the stitches and knit precisely one round to make sure everything was seated right and that I was ready to go.  I made a simple dinner for some company and visited and had a lovely time.  I read a little Persuasion as I lay down to sleep.

A nothing much sort of day and yet it was eminently fulfilling. 

The single most exciting thing of the day was the pleasant discovery of this:

 Old fashioned Woody's Sasparilla.

Not for kids, but for kids at heart.  Perfect for the sort of day it was.  Eminently fulfilling.

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