Friday, 3 June 2011

May Socks

Up till now I have not talked about May socks.  I have not worked on the May socks in weeks.  I don't need them you see.  When I decided to start knitting one pair of socks a month, it was because I was always running out.  Now that I am home all the time, my laundry is kept up better, and my drawer runneth over.  

I could make them for Mr. Needles I suppose, but there are too many other things on my plate.  All I have to do is look at the basket beside me with its many many WIPs and I know there are too many other things on my plate.

Every once in a while, I contemplate the idiocy of sticking so much to WIP's.  They are such nice projects though and I really would like to have them to use.  I know I will feel much better about the pile when it isn't there, when the WIP basket actually contains things that I am working on, rather than things that I have not touched in months.  This volume of WIPs are  a weight I am tired of carrying.

There are so many dreams of different things in my head.  I will not start them, not even one, till the Shetland Shawl is done, but it occurs to me that sometimes even dreams weigh you down and distort clarity and focus.   

I will stick with what I am doing, really I will.  I will not slip into something new no matter how much I want to.  I will persevere.  Darn it all.

Don't you just hate it when you get all noble and stick to the plan?


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Sandra said...

it usually lasts about a week with me. I wait until I get an urge to clean up then I rip out all the WIPs I KNOW I'll never finish. I'd rather see lovely balls of wool, then half finished items...