Thursday, 16 June 2011

I knit!

I had a marvelous day of knitting yesterday.  I think there is only 1 set of patterning left on Mr. Needles vest.  Much as I love working colourowrk, much as it feels like music in my hands, it is like a song played over long and I am ready to move on to something else.  

Once I get done the colourwork, there still is a lot to do.  There will be a collar band and sleeve bands done in corrugated ribbing.   There will be pocket facings and bands for the tops of pocket.  There will be front button bands in the ribbing as well.  

I intend to close the vest with a zipper. There might be a bit more knitting than I initially planned, to accomplish that, but that is only because in the 2.5 years that I have been working on this vest, I seem to have misplaced the ease I built in.  It will still fit, but rather more closely than he would like his vest to fit.  I think I can get out of this by adding just a little more depth to the button bands, and then knit in a 'lining' in the plain green or the warm brown colour yarn to attach the zipper to.     

I've been looking forward to this part.  It is the perfect time to try out those zipper instructions from last falls Interweave Knits.

I have the tools and a spare tip for the tool, so I am armed and ready.  I just have to finish the knitting.

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