Monday, 16 May 2011

Home again, home again, jiggety, jig

Back home and back to work.  Or I would be if it wasn't so darn windy.  I did do a little raking the other day, but the wind kept blowing things around.  It is just going to have to wait.  There might be a small nook, well sheltered from the wind, that I can rake today, but only if the wind isn't so gusty as it was yesterday.  

There won't be any garden work either till the wind goes down a little.  Behind before I have begun. Sounds like farming!

I had a lovely week at Moms.  I had a chance to visit all my sisters and an aunt.  Dad and I went adventuring and mom and I went shopping.  It was lovely.  

There was knitting beside the stop at my Saskatoon LYS. 
Remember these lovely yarns?  The Yellow was made into the lovely Oscilloscope and now the rich warm cashmere is in progress and so is the lovely absinthe Madelinetosh.  

I have all the plain knitting done on the cashmere Trauco.  I worked several rows of the charts, but as everyone knows, the charts are not right, and I am going to have to go back to the written work.  Not visiting knitting.

Then I began the Madelinetosh.  It will be an Ishbel.  The plain parts are done, and I am enjoying the knitting.  Sort of.  

Ishbel demands you pay attention so it isn't visiting knitting either.  But that story deserves a whole page all on its own.

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Brendaknits said...

Your visit sounds great. Parents so like to have their children come to visit. You need socks for visiting knitting.