Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Hanging Out

I'm still posting from dads computer, so no photos from me this week.  But just think of all the good things I will have pictures of next week. 

Visiting is hard work.  I've been practising saying no to all the good food people ply me with.  I did pretty well too, till last night.  I forced my sister to choose the restuarant, which she really hates to do, and then suddenly she said, maybe we should just do desert and coffee.  So, off we went to a long time favourite,  Alexanders, which is just off Collge Drive near the Field house and across the University. We did a sensible dinner, but oh yes, there was desert.  Mmmmmmmm Peanut Butter Pie.  I am sure that heaven includes not just Peanut Butter Pie, this peanut butter pie.

I should have know I was weak.  There was a small incident at Prairie Lily Yarn and Weaving just before dinner.  I did well...and so did the Prairie  Lily lady. An even deal, though I went home with yarn....OK I won.  She has some glorious things in stock.  Some Prarie Fibre Mill Alpaca Laceweight that is quite breaktaking. Drops Lin was another delightful little gem.  I have enough of it to do a nice summer something.  Really a stunning yarn.  I managed to get out without any Viking Alpaca Silk.  The Alpaca Silk was a real stunner.  I was feeling really under control.

Then I went into the back.  I think she reserves little pockets of goodness all over the store to catch the unwary and the weak off gaurd. 

I spied a nook of tweedy goodness.  Llama Silk from Diamond Yarns Luxury Collection.  Its a chunky tweedy little corner of heaven here on earth.  Fell kind of hard there but it might just be worth it.  Ok it is absolutely worth it and I feel a little guilty. But not much.

The good thing about Saskatoon besides all the family, the conversation and the very very good food and desert, is that Saskatoon only has one full service yarn store. I should be able to ignore one little store in a whole city, right? Even if that one store is calling my name from way across the river.  I am going to keep myself distracted so I don't go back.  But oh if you are in the mood for a fall off a yarny wagon, what a lovely place to fall.        

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Knitting Alchemist said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful! Wish I was there falling off the wagon with ya.