Friday, 1 April 2011

Knitting Flat

The lovely Leafy Glen shell remains looking like this.

Not for want of trying.  I decided to forgo knitting in the round and knit the thing the way it was designed, as two seamed pieces.  

Not going to work.  Or at not with the same results as I was looking for in the first place.  I wanted single rows of colour to dull the impact differences of their many hues. Carrying all these colours, keeping my planned sequence, is much more difficult than I imagined. Not really difficult, but surely a bigger pain than I bargained for.  There are strands of yarn everywhere and it is driving me mad.

I am about to take the flat apart and begin again, hoping for, praying for, one last shot, one successful shot, at  knitting this in the round. Sans mobius.  

I've started this thing so often that I know the first rows of this pattern by heart.  If knitting is music, this is going to be a lovely tune.  I love the feel of the yarn.  The smooth soft seacell and wool mix of Seawool has to be one of the nicest blends to work with. The colours from Fleece Artist?  Unadulterated play.  I know that if I ever get this thing going, I am going to love knitting this top.   

One more shot.  One more try.  And if this doesn't work...

I guess if this doesn't work, then I will try it again.  Its a lovely pattern and I mean to have it in this lovely yarn and I mean to have it now. 

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Sandra said...

you know, if you get tired of this yarn and never want to see it again, I'd be happy to take it off your hands....