Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Begin as I mean to go on

It is time to begin as I mean to go on. 

For a very long time, the first thing I did each day was get to the computer, consult the news online, read a few inspirational things, knit a little and write my blog.  I did that even way back when I worked in an office and first started writing my blog.  But without an office or out of the home job, I really need a brand spanking new schedule.  

It is too easy to sit down here and while away a couple hours perusing good things on the net, on Ravelry, on blogs and the many many yarn places I enjoy looking.  I know me.  I fall far to easily for the delights of my life so I cannot allow myself to come to the computer till the days tasks are done.  

I'm starting the schedule change now.  No computer, no knitting till the laundry is done for the day, the days cleaning tasks are done, the peas are picked, the pickles are made, the jelly is set.  (You will note the complete absence of any mention of the doing of dishes.  I intend to adjust my schedule, not become a saint.)  

Once the big things are done, I can play.  I will likely be posting just a little later in the day, the evening rather than the early morning.  The upside will be that I will have all day to think about what I'd like to say, develop an idea, discuss the goings on in my world.  It will mean less of the 2 sentence posts of late.  It will mean proper discussions of  scarcity of or abundance of weeds, produce, bugs, the state of my laundry and the mobius-ness-esses of my knitting.  

I have always had a place to go to for work. I have tried to be a good employee, to go just a wee bit beyond because I knew I could get there.  I tried to leave things better than when I arrived.  Mostly it worked.  Mostly I worked.

Now I am going to be my own boss.  I have to put on my big girl panties and work as hard for me as I did for my employers.  (I know me for the gornisht schlemiel I am.  I know I will have to be stern with me.)

I am the boss of this this here show.  If I work, I win.  If I don't...well, if I don't, I guess I won't be allowed to be the boss of me.  Its a little exciting and a lot scary when you think of it like that.  


Mrs.Spit said...

I find, working for myself, that my boss is very unreasonable.

I hope yours is much more reasonable.

Brenda said...

My computer calls me first thing in the morning. And all day. Throughout the day. I've learned to fit work in between ravelry reads and to do it fast. set work aside