Thursday, 21 April 2011

Good Deeds

The other day, I came across an interesting article about a debate that is raging about the origins of altruism.  I'm not so sure I care why people help each other at their own expense.  I'm quite sure I don't care how it arose in human populations.  I only care that is is there within us, and I wish that we used that part of our nature more.

Yesterday while gadding about, I saw a bike rider, standing at the side of the road, big green garbage bag at hand, picking up the windblown garbage freed from its icy snowy prison.  No one asked the biker to do this.  No one compelled him.  No one forced this biker to pick up the spring roadside trash like all those people who are doing their community service, or like all those community groups who do it.  He was just doing it.  

Mr. Biker.  I like you.  

Some things exist in our modern world just to toss away.  We need a lot less of that.  And we need a lot more of us to act on our impulse that leads us to do for our common good.   

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jill said...

well said, it would be a terrible world if no-one did anything to help the world. I also dont care why people do good I am just glad that they do