Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Dawns breaking

I woke a little later than usual this morning, about 5:30.  I could see the shapes of trees.  Soon enough, well perhaps not soon enough, but soon, 5:30 will be the right time for sitting on the front porch sipping coffee, dressed in warm woolly things to protect from the early morning damp chill.  

A finished photo of the blankie.  Its the perfect size for snuggling under, bowl of popcorn in hand, while watching a good movie on a chilly evening.  Not too big to have hanging around the living room, not too small to be cozy under. It came out close to what I predicted, 40 inches by 50.  Perfect.

Brenda of Brenda Knits is right though.  When you work this long on a project this big,you become attaches.  There is a little lull after that is hard to fill.  I expect it is going to take a few days to really settle into something new.  

In the meantime, I am knitting on small things.  It would be a great time for socks, but I think my socks are at River City and so they will remain till at least next week.  The last time I remember seeing them, they were sitting on a small ledge beside the table.  I could have sworn I picked them up, but they are not here anywhere.  

Not having socks around to work on means I am forced to knit on other things.  I would like to finish the pretty little yellow Ossilloscope scarf I am working on and then there are some spring tops which it would be nice to finish up before spring is done.  I will choose to look at forgetting as a blessing.

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christine said...

That is a great blanket. Good job!