Thursday, 7 April 2011

Girding my loins

What with one thing and another I ended up working today at the yarn store.  They have a bit of a flu bug going around and were very short staffed.  Since spring is sluggish here, I have nothing much planned and was happy to give a hand.  But...

Yes, there is always that.  That whole yarn problem.  It's worse than you could possibly know. The yarn budget has been spent to 2012, and there is not one iota of yarnable space in this study. 

And then... yes then,

Artyarns arrived.  Art yarns are currently making a special guest appearance at River City.  

Be still my beating heart.  If you have never been in the presence of a reasonable quantity of of the wonder that is Artyarns, do consider making a trip just too see it.  There is Da Vinci and then there are Artyarns.  Sigh.  You cannot possibly imagine, no photos really show the beauty of this stuff.  It must, quite simply, be seen to be understood.  

But remember this.  If you are vulnerable, consider leaving your wallet at home.  Trust me on this.  You will be seduced by it.  It is good, but you know...if you are vulnerable...

I managed to leave without any, but only because faster people than me scooped the red mohair silk with sequins and beads before I got there.  There was a green skein with lovely copper beads and sequins but I sold that by simply touching and petting it.  (Darn customer.  I let her touch it and she would not give it back.)  The grey was not so urgent a desire, though the grey cashmere...whole other creature, level and kind of desire!  I did not find the purple with the beads and sequins till just as we were leaving at the end of the day. The till was closed.

If you do stop and falter and find yourself in need of a few rationalisations  about why this yarn is going home with you, please come and see me.  I have been working on excuses and full blown rationalisations all day.  (For instance, two skeins of cashmere and one skein of the beaded mohair silk will be enough for a size M fitted top with enough leftover for a stunning scarf.  2 projects! A bargain.) 

There will be a small fee for the excuses and rationalisations service, but how else am I going to be able to fund my purchase? 

Pray for me.  They asked me to work again Friday.  It will be a bonus day working with my favourite people, but pray that the purple beaded wonder and the grey cashmere are gone.  I am not sure I can withstand another day of exposure. 

*I make it sound like Artyarns is beyond pricey, but the truth of it is, the plain mohair and silk is a fantastic deal.  285 m of a stunning classic hand dye for 25 dollars.  Plenty of yarn for the most stunning Wisp you will ever see.  If you want the full meal deal, add one skein of the beaded mohair silk?  Heaven and so very worth it. 



Brenda said...

Green with copper beads? Be still my beating heart. Thanks for the links to 'your' store. It looks lovely.

Mrs.Spit said...

I think you should tell your household boss that you have been doing a good job with tidying and organizing and planning, and that deserves a reward.

I totally think so. . .