Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Beastie Lives

The Beastie Blanket still is a Work in progress.  Sigh. and sigh again.

It isn't like I have not worked on it.  I have.  It still is something that I can only do so much of in a day.  I did have one startling revelation with respect to it though.  

I was sitting under its voluminous folds, knitting on the second last section.  That was when I realized that it was voluminous and that I was bumping into my chin with my needles and at the same time, that my toes were very very cozy.  It occurred to me that I was knitting width and that this blanket was huge.  

I paused for a bit to consider the matter.  What would it look like if I only knit half of section 8?  (Section 8 is at the very bottom of the photo)  Would it destroy the scale of the thing?  And what would happen to section 9, which was two squares across the entire bottom (the right of the screen)?  Should I keep to the square or keep the original split and have two different sized sections?  

Did I adopt the changes shown above?  You bet I did.  This blanket is big. (If I was doing it again, I would start with fewer than 50 stitches and 42 rows but keep the same ratio.)  It is more than wide enough and without section 9 is more or less, a square.  With the modified section 9 it ought to be just right for a casual living room throw.  Any bigger and it would be a bed cover and just too big for snuggling into while watching TV.  

I knit on it till I could not knit on it any more. I'm several rows into section 9.  I wished I was farther.

There were other happenings. 
March is done!  Applause, applause. 

But I still seemed to have a lot of time to knit.  Curling was on.  The Sci Fi mini-series Tin Man was on.  I watched both.  This happened.

What can I say?  April. All caught up!

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Brenda said...

WOW. Very well thought out. Can't wait to see the finished blanket. And I love the bright cheery colours in the the blue socks.