Friday, 11 March 2011

Small things

In between working on the big things, there are always a bunch of little things.  I sometimes forget to take photos of them.  

I recall the first time I saw the braid so common to Eastern European mittens, being worked.  As she knit, the braid formed itself and sat quite politely and tidily on top of the rest of her knitting.  It didn't look hard because the knitter was not struggling with it, but I was pretty sure there was some magic going on.   

And it is.  And I can do it. 

Knitting has shown me that there is magic in my hands.  This one, I don't want to forget to take photos of.   

I can also screw it up.  A little humility with the magic.  Knitting teaches that too.  There should be photos of that as well.

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Brenda said...

How about a tutorial on that braid?