Monday, 14 March 2011

Fridays leavings

Some terrible things happened in Japan Friday.  Just before I left for the city and work I saw a tsunami warning at Facebook, but dismissed it.  I did to not have time to pay attention and did not have time to really think about it.  I am sorry about that.  

The scope of it, in a very very technologically advanced country show how vulnerable we are, no matter were we come from.  We are small in the scope of time and geology.    

My thoughts and wishes and hopes and prayers are that the next big thing, that nucelar thing,  will find resolution without further damage or contamination.  I pray.

Knitting is small consolation, insulation from that reality.  It is a protective instinct to want to curl up inside myself and hide here with my knitting.  It does not mean I will mourn less.  It does not mean I will worry less.  There isn't a lot I can effectively do.

So I will knit garter stitch and focus on thoughts and prayers and wishing Fridays leavings were done.

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