Monday, 28 March 2011

Of Endings and Beginnings

No matter what you do, there are always endings and beginnings.  Everyday, a series of them, constantly changing the landscape of your life.    

I'm near a pretty big ending for me, but an ending I anticipated for a while and while it is an ending of something wonderful, it is not a sad thing.  My time with the yarn store is coming to an end.  I'm a little sad, but it is time to move on and who knows what is beyond the next turn in the road.  Life is always a grand adventure and there are a thousand things yet to learn before I am done my journey.

I am going to miss working at the store.  I have grown so much, learned so many things, met so many good friends. I would not be where I am today, but for them and I will always be grateful for the chance the RCY ladies took with me.  If you searched the world for the best bosses, the ladies at the store would be the culmination of the search.  If you searched the world for the best staff, you would stop at River City Yarns.

To mark this change, I decided some time ago, that I was going to do something special for myself.  
Meet something special.  5 skeins of Kid Silk Haze in the deep rich blue called Hurricane.  For something special and blue.  Suits how I feel at leaving, even though it is time and I feel good about my decision.

Meet something specials little sister.  Killer Red.  Because with some colours under the sun,  you must.  :)


Sandra said...

sorry to hear about the changes, but you seem to be at peace with them, so that's good.
What's better is that KSH - Hurricane and Killer Red are beautiful!

mrs.spit said...

I shall be desperately sad to not see you anymore! But, I'm glad that this is a good move for you.

Brenda said...

When we moved to our retirement spot, I was without yarn store employment for some time. It was difficult. The employee discount will e missed, I'm sure. How are you going to be spending your time post LYS?

burnt rain said...

I'm sad to hear you won't be at RCY any more. You are one of my favourite friendly faces. I hope this ending brings you a really grand beginning.

Alison said...

Wishing you all the very best as your life moves forward.

I've really enjoyed working with you, and you're going to be missed. Don't you be a stranger now!